The Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Business

The Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Business is the evolution of our work with Too Serious! unLimited, a well established boutique Management Consulting firm based in Canada that specialises in Brain Reprogramming.


Over the last 20 years, in addition to its Business Emulation technologies and services, Too Serious! unLimited www.tooserious.com has provided its clients with a full complement of training, cascading, integration and support services.


Partners Clifford Saunders and Annemarie Boucher are highly qualified and experienced Business Transformation Strategists, at the top of their profession with 20+ years of providing Management Consulting Services at the CEO, Board and Senior Executive levels to Fortune 500/Blue Chip Companies worldwide, primarily in the areas of Business Emulation, Strategic Planning, Cost Reduction, Performance Improvement and Change Management.


In the 1990ʼs, we owned and operated a successful software company that provided computerized group decision support systems to Industry Leaders and the Big 6 Accounting/Consulting Firms. Arthur Andersen used our software with their clients in 37 countries around the world.


Since 2004, we have concentrated on designing and delivering strategically focused Business Emulation exercises that have been applied successfully to a wide range of industries, including mining, pharmaceuticals, public transportation, nuclear fuel reprocessing, information technology, health care, education, manufacturing and new product introduction.


Our Business Emulations have typically produced over 400% in performance improvement, increased client revenues by ten of millions to billions of dollars, and returned more than 2,000% on the client’s investment in the first year.

Our Managing Directors


Our Managing Directors


Cliff2Dr Clifford Saunders is a Master Business Transformation Strategist with the finest reputation in the market place. His educational background spans Engineering (1st Class Honours), Applied Psychology (MSc), and Systems Theories of all types (PhD Cybernetics). His life’s career has focused on helping organizations manage change, problem solve, make better decisions, improve performance and effectiveness, expand leadership skills, enhance group dynamics, re-engineer processes, and turn chaos and complexity to advantage.


A significant portion of Cliff’s career has been devoted to the use of empirical methods for achieving unprecedented results in the fields of Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness.  He has designed and facilitated hundreds of successful executive and team engagements with Fortune 500 Corporations, and delivered a broad range of training programmes, lectures and speaking engagements aimed at developing organizational capabilities by enhancing individual effectiveness. He has played an influential role in the development of Federal, State and Local policies.


He also designed, built and used a variety of Problem Solving Methodologies for gaining consensus, including his own proprietary Group Decision Support Software Systems, with which he trained Big Six Consulting Firms like KPMG, Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen to extend the range and adaptability of their product offering to their own clients.


Since 2004, Cliff has delivered Business Transformation services and Business Emulation technologies and services to industry leaders worldwide. His expertise in the application of Neuroplasticity to problems previously thought ‘insoluble’ produces significant gains for his clients, the equivalent of twice the throughput at half the cost, or 400% in performance improvement.


For more information, please contact:


Clifford S. Saunders

Email: cliff@brainreprogramming.com

International Phone: +1 651 447 6447

Australia Phone: +61 (0) 487 133 006

Skype: cliffordstewartsaunders

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cliffsaunders




Annemarie2With a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Annemarie Boucher is a veteran entrepreneur who transitioned from her 10-year career as a Corporate Translator in 1978 to build a successful translation and interpretation company that catered to an impressive list of leading corporations at a time when very few women ventured into the business world on their own.


In 1987, she established a consulting practice to help budding entrepreneurs like herself build, expand and manage their own businesses.


In 1991, she partnered with Dr Clifford Saunders to build and operate a successful Software Company that would design and sell The Resolver suite of group decision support systems. She spearheaded and managed the operations and marketing functions of the company, negotiated senior consulting engagements, delivered workshops, developed training programmes and monitored the implementation of the software and methodology within client organisations.


In 2000, she co-founded and built Too Serious! unLimited, a boutique Management Consulting firm with Fortune 500/Blue Chip Clients worldwide. She designed and facilitated executive and team engagements, developed a broad range of corporate training programs, lectures and speaking engagements, and negotiated alliances with major Management Consulting firms.


Since 2004, Annemarie has been researching, developing and implementing Business Emulation technologies and services based on the new science of Neuroplasticity. She helped fashion this revolutionary approach to human behaviour and decision-making to deliver an astounding 400% performance improvement for client organisations.


For more information, please contact:


Annemarie Boucher

Email: annemarie@brainreprogramming.com

International Phone: +1 651 447 6447

Australia Phone: +61 (0) 476 264 000

Skype: annemariemboucher

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/annemarieboucher


Our Team of Experts


Our Team of Experts


StephenDr Steve Enders is a thirty-nine year veteran in the Mining and Exploration business. He has a strong international track record as an entrepreneur, innovator and collaborator across disciplines in business, academia and global institutions at the enterprise level. Steve is a noted writer and popular lecturer who passionately believes that the most important innovation in business today is unleashing the power of people’s minds to achieve results they never knew could be possible.


Steve earned a PhD in Geoscience in 2000 from The University of Arizona and went on to become President of Phelps Dodge Exploration Corporation, and subsequently to Newmont Mining Company where he retired as a Senior Vice President in 2009. Steve has been the Executive Chairman, a Director and the Chief Operating Officer of Eurasian Minerals Inc., and is currently a co-founder and Director of Cupric Canyon Capital LLC, who have a large, high-grade copper project under development in Botswana.


He is currently the Interim Head of the Geology and Geological Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines and was the Director of the Center for Innovation in Earth Resources Science & Engineering at Mines for the past six years. Steve is an Honorary Lecturer and a Past President of the Society of Economic Geologists. He received the Distinguished Achievement Medal from the Colorado School of Mines in 2009 and the Ben F. Dickerson Award from the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration in 2014.


Steve is the Chief Business Advisor for the Center for Applied Neuroscience in Business. He provides vital content knowledge, direct experience and strong facilitation skills that we will be able to leverage throughout the lifetime of a mining engagement. Over the last seven years, he has successfully applied the principles of Neuroplasticity to drive innovation and creative change for Newmont, Eurasian Minerals, the Colorado School of Mines, and most recently for KGHM.





Geoffrey Wade is a master change agent. He works both at the individual employee and collective organisational level to help clients drive transformative changes in personal performance and leadership effectiveness, organisational culture and financial performance.


Geoff draws upon an unusual mix of science, engineering, business and cognitive psychology qualifications and experience to be able to drive congruent corporate change by aligning leverage points in physical assets and technology, systems and process, and human assets.


He started his career in the corporate world in project management for large scale construction projects including electricity generation, underground rail, petrochemical refining and mining industries. He went on to work in a range of front-line, middle and line management roles in operations and sales, rounding up his career in executive leadership roles. He garnered a reputation for building high employee engagement among his teams, leading high velocity culture change and driving transformative financial performance improvements.


Over the last 17 years, Geoff and his organisation, Onirik Pty Ltd (www.onirik.com.au), have delivered hundreds of projects to clients across the information technology, banking, insurance, utility, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications and transport industries. They have built a formidable track record for helping clients with fast and lasting improvement of underperforming business units and people, and solving challenging and complex problems.


His extensive skills and expertise in the use of NLP and Hypnosis for fast and lasting change in peoples’ maps of the world, perceptual filters, thinking and decision making strategies, habits and behaviours, naturally integrate with our Business Emulation technologies and services. Additionally, his considerable commercial experience and intimate knowledge of the Australian market support the application of Neuroplasticity to large complex industrial problems.





Dr Greg Baiden is one of the leading mining experts in the world. Along with his mining and economics work, he has tremendous knowledge in mining operations and how robotics and automation will be applied to all forms of mining. As Chief Executive of Penguin Automated Systems Inc. (http://www.penguinasi.com), he has formed a team of highly skilled specialists to conceive and build the systems necessary to transform mining using next generation technology and applying robotics and automation to solving our mining clients’ strategic needs.


As Global Head of Mining R&D for a multinational corporation and Professor of Mining Engineering and Research Chair in Robotics and Automation at Laurentian University, his work has focused on building the next generation mining production systems and the technology and social systems required to implement them. He earned his PhD at McGill University in Mining Engineering.  His MSc in Engineering and his BSc in Mining Engineering degrees were both earned at Queen’s University.


Greg holds many patents in the technology and systems required for the mine of the future. Some of these key technologies include advanced telecommunications networking using radio and optical techniques. Others are in the ideas of subsurface positioning and mapping in GPS denied environments along with virtual gaming control in safety challenged areas in the mine.


Penguin Automated Systems has recently announced and demonstrated a new Hang-up Assessment and Removal Robot System that will help miners safely deal with rock blockages in difficult situations as shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnucPzBOKV8 and https://youtu.be/scG1tD14ufo. The robot has many firsts in the mining and robot design worlds.  Some of these include using 3D modeling and gaming technology to operate the system in a Virtual Reality Mining space, automating the drilling and blasting process and high capacity data transmission using Penguin’s patented Optical Networking System. Another major innovation is the creation of robotic mapping systems to provide information regarding the software representation of mine tunnel systems rapidly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6riajdkaK4k.


Greg’s work is an important component of the technologies and services offered in collaboration between Penguin Automated Systems and the Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Business as more mining clients will seek to use robotics to improve productivity and safety.




PaulFennerPaul is Senior Manager Technical Sales, Geovia at Dassault Systèmes. He is our ‘go to’ Expert for his deep knowledge of the information requirements of today’s modern Mining Industry.


His passionate work at Dassault Systèmes Geovia (www.3ds.com/geovia) has moved the Mining business forward by providing a solid foundation for any enterprise’s data architecture. Paul achieves this through his profound understanding of what the technical requirements are for system-wide and integrated mining reporting and system controlling tools.


Paul is adamant that there is a journey of mental maturation that every miner today needs to become familiar with, from the rock face worker to the boardroom director.


Paul’s consistent message to Mining is “You must know that your data is solid, clean and correct right from the get go or you will find you are attempting to steer a ship of jelly, not steel. It won’t work.” It is this rigor of thought that has made Paul a trusted advisor to very senior players in the Mining Industry around the world.


JoeCucuzza3Joe Cucuzza is Managing Director at AMIRA International Limited. AMIRA is an independent global member-based organisation of mining and supplier companies, created to develop, broker, facilitate and manage collaborative research projects.   It is the world’s most effective and creative source and resource for the best of breed of Mining Industry’s researchers, technology developers and new product implementers worldwide. AMIRA’s reach spans the total mining lifecycle from greenfield all the way through to land reclamation and beautification.


AMIRA’s avowed Mission is to promote and facilitate a truly Third Millennium research and development service for promoting the development of the Mineral and its associated industries. It does this through the application of known processes and by causing to be created new or improved processes for the economic recovery and use of mineral products. AMIRA also has a world class research and development service for the analysis and identification of minerals.


The company has a long term proven track record in the application of leading edge international research in solving important mining, exploration and land rehabilitation problems worldwide. It identifies industry-wide technical challenges, contracts R&D organisations to solve these industry-wide technical challenges and manages the process on behalf of its members. All of the major mining companies and many companies that supply services to the Mining Industry are long term members.


AMIRA is always reinventing itself and repositioning its product and service offering in order to meet the fast evolving demands of the Mining Industry in the Third Millennium. There is exciting news at AMIRA and it is always very valuable to keep up-to-date with their latest offerings and thought leadership. Engage with AMIRA International here: www.amira.com.au.




ColinDr Colin Barnett received his BA and MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, his M.Sc. in Geophysics from Imperial College London, and his Ph.D. in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines.


He is a founder and principal of BW Mining (http://www.bwmining.com), a private company formed in 2002 to apply modern data mining techniques in the search for new mineral deposits. Colin has been instrumental in the development and deployment of mineral exploration Neural Networks that are sufficiently accurate to reliably find minerals such as gold in brownfield sites.


Before forming BW Mining, Colin was Director of Exploration Technology for Newmont Mining Corporation. He was responsible for numerous innovations, including the first digital ground time-domain electromagnetic system known as EMP, which he took from the instrument design stage to the writing of the software, to process and to inverting the data. This led to the development under his leadership of the first successful helicopter-borne, time-domain electromagnetic system known as NEWTEM.


His work as a practicing expert in the application of Neural Networks presages the growing importance of neural network systems, and also as adjuncts and brains for complex robotic solutions of the near future.




RichardProfessor Emeritus of Mining Engineering Dr Richard Bullock is a 67-year veteran of the Mining industry. Dick has worked in every aspect of Mining and of Oil and Gas during his illustrious and continuing career.


Dick won the 2011 Daniel C. Jackling Award in recognition of his significant contributions to technical progress in mining, geology, and geophysics. Dick was honoured for his many years of service to industry and his further dedication to the young men and women of Mining whom he instructed in the most important aspects of the trade: mining and responsibility.


Dick is a noted speaker and author on wide ranging subjects of engineering in Mining. He has completed over 250 engineering/feasibility studies and he teaches three courses for Missouri S & T Masters of Engineering in Mining Engineering.


The biggest bottleneck in Mining today is the feasibility engineering process from late stage mineral scoping to mine construction and successful commissioning.  Dick is the world’s expert in this vital domain.


We will lean heavily on Dick to help us design Mining Business Emulations that will enable our clients to rehearse away their execution risk.




AnnaAnna is our Resident Business Emulation Expert in Europe. With Masters Degrees in Business Administration, Economics and International Management, she a highly skilled and experienced talent management, organization effectiveness and transformation expert in Mining. She has over 10 years of experience as consultant and independent advisor to businesses and NGOs.


Anna started her career with KPMG, and then with McKinsey & Company where she provided ongoing counselling to leaders and top teams on major transformations requiring mindset and behaviour change and engagement of leaders at various levels of organization.


As Executive Director, Human Resources at KGHM, she lead global HR transformation, developing KGHM leaders, building the Corporate HR function, introducing values-based cultural change, and engaging KGHM leaders to support employees to help them realize their potential and in the long-term to maximize KGHM’s return on investment in Human Capital.


She is currently the CEO of Re-Assume, a boutique Management Consulting firm that achieves impact by helping organizations nurture conscious, entrepreneurial, and growing leaders and teams, focusing on helping individuals better understand themselves, broaden their options, and modify assumptions in order to realize more of their potential and re-assume their journeys as stronger leaders.