24 Dec The Door in the Wall


Would you know there is a door in the wall when you look at this picture? Life can be like that. We all go through life missing some very important information because it is not immediately visible to us. It is not in our awareness.

“Wow it’s a door!”

That’s a game changer.

You didn’t know you didn’t know.

Not long ago, a war lord made the idea of unknown unknowns famous. Do you remember Rumsfeld?

The possibility of ‘unknown unknowns’ reminds us that there may be things around us that we don’t even know we don’t know anything about.

Before the internet, you never even imagined the potential it would unleash.

Unknown unknowns are a form of blindness. See that?

It is a bit like being born blind and then getting sight later in life and discovering that you had been blind all along.

I cannot overemphasize this idea enough. This blindness is “The Box” we are exhorted to get out of. The invisible box around us.

These blind spots we all have are so profound that we do not even have a whiff of even the hint of the possibility that we might be blind to the potential of some important aspect of reality that we are overlooking. That is why it is said: “If you pray for anything, prey for Awareness”.

Until you first heard about the idea of Applied Neuroplasticity, you were blind and unaware of even the potential of such a thing as rapid brain change.

You didn’t even know that truly rapid brain change was an option.

Now it is true that until you experience this rewiring for yourself, the idea of neuroplasticity will remain only a theory for you, but now at least you have the theory to get curious about.

“OK. Fine. I buy it. Now what do I do?” I hear you ask.


If you have read my previous blog and learned the “eye roll” technique, the next step in reprogramming your brain is to make a habit of directing your sleep just before you fall asleep.

To help prime your brain for this idea, watch this 59 second video on one of the most important dreams ever dreamt:

What value do you reckon has been generated from this one dream? You can measure it in the trillions of dollars.Interesting, eh? Kekule’s dream was a door in the wall – for the whole planet. Up until Kekule’s dream, no one had any clue about structural chemistry or organic chemistry. For example, anything you touch or use that is made of plastic ultimately has its roots in Kekule’s dream. The same is true of many dyes that are used today.Wouldn’t you like to be able to have dreams like Kekule’s?

Here’s how to direct your sleep:

The second Brain Reprogramming Technique is what I call the “Dear Brain” letter.

  • Start to get curious and wonder about all of this nonsense I have written so far. Even if you are jaded, just allow yourself to get curious about the potential of very rapid neuroplastic brain change. Remember, you don’t have to be sick to get better.
  • Now, take a blank piece of paper and put today’s date at the top.
  • Next, write yourself a letter. “Dear Brain, Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you……..” Just start writing what’s on your mind at this very moment and wonder on paper where you might be blind, and ‘pray for awareness’. Just put your thoughts down on paper freely, without judgment. No one else is going to read it.
  • Next, remember in my last Blog entitled “What is Neuroplasticity” I had you practice The Eye Roll technique. Did you do it? Yes? Good. You don’t have to believe, but you do have to do. Repeat the eye roll again. This time, as you relax your eyes, just think about your “Dear Brain” letter and ask your brain: “Where am I blind?” or “More awareness, please.”
  • Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes, and when the time feels right open your eyes and come back. Don’t over analyse. Your brain already appreciates the implications of these ideas you are reading because your brain creates your conscious understanding of these words I have typed. Make sense? Your neurons now know. They are beginning to suspect there is a door around here someplace, which is why you are smiling a bit right now.
  • Do steps 4 & 5 just as you fall asleep. This action will ‘direct the trance state of sleep’. Just read your “Dear Brain” letter before you turn the light out, do your eye roll and this process will instruct your brain to make the desired changes while you sleep.


IMPORTANT TIP: When you get an insight or a realisation, or improved functioning in some area of your life, say “Thank You”. Really. Thank that brain of yours, that mind of yours, for the changes. This will release endorphins and dopamines which will send a clear signal to your brain that it is on the right track. It will speed up the rewiring and install a new automatic pattern for you.

Wouldn’t it be horrible if we learned new habit patterns that enhanced our experience of living and our effectiveness “as a matter of course”? Of course!

Most of the time we run on automatic. We are living robots. Our circuitry has been designed to optimise the use of time and glucose. True, it has gotten us this far; unfortunately, this parsimony comes at a cost.  We have to automate a lot of variables in our body in order ‘just to live’. So this mental emotional automaticity is a natural and unforeseen consequence of our purposeful laziness to save time and glucose.

Nice term that, “purposeful laziness”.

Covers a lot of sins.

This is the downside of neuroplasticity. Neurons that fire together wire together mechanically, even if you don’t want them to.

The mechanical mind is inflexible. It becomes rigid and is manipulated by nimbler minds.

Flexibility is the answer. The entity with the greatest flexibility can control all other entities in a system.

Without nimbleness of mind you are open to manipulation, like an ant with a mushroom growing out of its head. The ant doesn’t know it but the mushroom that has invaded its brain is controlling its every action.

In my next Blog, I am going to shift the conversation from the individual application of neuroplasticity to the Hive Mind of the organisation, the company, the enterprise. I am also going to introduce you to a very inexpensive yet powerful technology that helps accelerate neuroplastic change.

In the meantime, I challenge you to start to practice the eye roll technique, write your “Dear Brain” letter and direct your sleep. If you just consistently use what I have written about so far, your world will change and you will find your hidden doors in the wall.   Guaranteed (or your money back 😉 See, you’re smiling again. Isn’t that horrible?

As always, if you have questions for us, do not hesitate to contact me. Until next time, be better than well!!