27 Dec Reprogram your brain rapidly and permanently to take your career to the next level


Is the shine off your life?
Are you stuck in a pointless corporate job?
Or perhaps you are spinning your wheels as an entrepreneur?
When was the last time you felt joyful and happy at work?
Do you feel frustrated, helpless, demotivated?
Overwhelmed by all the politics, backstabbing and infighting?
Tired of the endless organisational churn, the pointless meetings and the decision gridlock?
Not paid what you are truly worth?
Passed over for promotions?
Disillusioned yet unable to get off the treadmill?
Can’t see a way out?
Do you wish you could wave a magical wand and find a secret door in a wall that would take you away from your current reality into the world you always imagined life should be?

Hey, a lot of people feel stuck.  And yes, there is a way out.

When we talk with friends or colleagues about our work on Applied Neuroplasticity and Brain Reprogramming with large organisations, we are constantly asked:

“Is it really possible to rewire our brains easily and rapidly?  Does it work the same way for individuals?

“Can you really improve the way you think and perform and the results you get, while you sleep?

“How is that possible?”

The answer is a resounding YES.  It is possible, and easy, and remarkably quick to rewire your own brain in order to improve the way you think, act and feel forever.  We are all wired to grow new dendrites every day.  Anyone can do it.

All of us have accumulated over the years of our lives a number of unhelpful behaviour patterns that affect our health, our happiness and our success, often in a very significant way, and that we can’t seem to be able to get rid of, no matter how painful or damaging they are or how hard we try.

Most of us put up with what we have come to consider “normal” in the work environment.  Things like politics, posturing, backstabbing and infighting.  The pointless ‘change initiatives’ or endless organisational churn.  Sometimes the dubious behaviour or corruption at the top.  Unclear organisational goals.  Lack of responsiveness to the changing environment.  The decision gridlock, wheel spinning and endless pointless meetings.

These seemingly insoluble challenges and obstacles and so many more common to all large organisations have a significant impact on employees at all levels from the CEO on down.

Don’t get us wrong, some organisations provide clear line of sight on the business’ goals and provide excellent support and growth potential for their staff.  Even then, many people feel that their work environment is a battleground where they can never win.  Their accomplishments go unnoticed.  They work hard and still don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Most are not paid what they are truly worth.  They get passed over for promotions.  Their creative ideas and suggestions are ignored or rejected altogether.  They just can’t seem to get a break.

This leads to feelings of helplessness, frustration, demotivation. They feel drained, unable to achieve their true potential, falling further behind.  The instability and anxiousness created by the constant pressure to do more with less, to go faster, to outdo the next guy, eventually lead them to wonder what the point of it all is, and many basically just give up on their lifetime goals of achieving success and happiness at work.

It affects everything: their physical and emotional health, their poise and self-confidence, their attitude, the respect they have for their peers and superiors, their very ability and desire to perform their work at their peak and to deliver the results that are expected of them.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  We all know that changing our response to these negative stimuli can drastically alter our reality. Everyone can achieve their full potential by changing how they think, act and feel.

In fact, we are often told to get out of the box with our thinking.  But if we already knew how to get out of the box, we would have done so. So exhortations to get out of that box are senseless.

Yes, the first step is awareness, but the second one is tools.

What most people need are tools to help them make progress.  It’s like that old gag says: “I maybe crazy but I ain’t stupid.”  Give me the tools and I can get out of here.

How, then, do you retrain your brain to achieve peak performance, feel successful and reap the rewards of your hard work rapidly and permanently, even under the worst of circumstances?

It is much easier than you think.

Neuroscience has discovered that we don’t have to try.  Or practice, or rehearse, or take training, or remember to apply the learning, or anything else that requires conscious effort.  Our brain is so smart, it can do it all for us on automatic without us having to try.  It already knows how to replace unhelpful behaviours with beneficial ones rapidly.  Thanks to the advancement of Neuroscience, we now have ways of making permanent changes in the way we think, act and feel practically overnight, while we sleep.

And some of us in the business of making change stick have been passionate about developing those scientific advancements into practical applications that transform lives at the office AND at home.

When we work with our clients, we offer them very simple concepts to illustrate how big their brain actually is, how their brain works, how information is stored, how old information can be rapidly updated, how the two sides of the brain can harvest data and ideas from one another during each and every sleep cycle we enjoy, and much more.  Then we get them to practice some simple exercises to enable their brain to rewire itself to install the “new improved” patterns while they sleep every night.

We once asked a client where he thought the bottleneck was within his company.  He looked at us, tapped his head and said:  “The bottleneck is in here, we are trapped by our own beliefs”.

So true.

We often tell the following story to business teams to get them curious about the trap of their own beliefs.

“Imagine you are in a room with four walls.  Maybe even a room like this one”, we will add, looking around.  “You would never think to think of the wall as an exit.  It’s a wall.  But suppose we told you that there was something special about this wall here.”

Then we will go over to one of the walls and dramatically start to feel around the surface, continuing conspiratorially: “There’s a door hidden in this wall.  It’s a secret passage.  If we press over here and over here just right, a panel will open in and you will have found a secret way through.”


Can you imagine that?  A secreted and unimagined way out?

From that moment on, when any of those people go into that room again to discuss a project or make important decisions, they will know something about it that most people don’t know – that there is a door in the wall.

We have found time and again that once people start to internalize this metaphor, they begin to search more believingly for previously unimagined solutions.

Whether we work with companies that employ tens of thousands of individuals, or with the individuals themselves in their professional or personal lives, our passion at the Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Business has been to make change stick and yield permanent and immediate results.  Today, Neuroscience provides the means to do just that.

We all know someone we care about who is stuck in a corporate or entrepreneurial job they hate, essentially treading water, going through the motions, disillusioned yet unable to get off the treadmill, and wondering if that’s all there is and will ever be to their professional working life.

If you know someone for whom it would be beneficial to learn about the application of Neuroplasticity and Brain Reprogramming, please send them a link to this blog or give them our email address.  They will thank you for it.